IoT Member Spotlight - New Stack Ventures

Posted On: 3/12/2019

  • Q: Name of group/person/start-up

    A: Nick Moran, Managing Partner of New Stack Ventures

    Q: What is your project/what are you working on?

    A: We are a venture capital firm, so we are in the financial services industry. We invest in early stage tech companies - many of which are in the IoT segment.

    Q: How long have you been working at the Connectory?

    A: We've been a member for about a year

    Q: Why do you work at the Connectory? What are its benefits for you?

    A: It is the IoT hub of Chicago, and if there's an IoT venture capitalist firm in Chicago, it is us! It is a cohesive fit with positive synergies. Startups that are trying to build the next generation of IoT tech should at least be plugged into the Connectory, if they aren't already a member. We want to be at the epicenter of that. We meet with startups every day, all day. The Connectory is a good home for us.

Q: Do you have a website? Twitter? LinkedIn? Somewhere where we can learn more about you and your project?



Twitter: @thefullratchet


Q: If you could be in any TV show, what would it be and why?

A: It would be fun to be a part of Silicon Valley, because although they dramatize, and in some cases exaggerate, it is a version of reality that startups go through. There's a lot of drama and challenges to building an early stage tech company. They do a really fun comedic job of bringing to light a lot of those challenges.

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