Internet of Things with Google Cloud

Posted On: 2/25/2020

  • On February 13, the Chicago Connectory hosted Roberto Barbero, IoT and smart analytics specialist at Google Cloud, for an informational session on the Internet of Things with Google Cloud.

    In recent years, IoT has made industries like manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, insurance, and consumer products produce seemingly endless amounts of data. However, connecting devices simply to gather data is only a fraction of IoT’s true capability. Roberto explained that for organizations to see valuable returns on IoT initiatives, they should be successfully generating insights from their data to make better business decisions. Roberto then elaborated on how Google Cloud can better enable this process and walked the audience through device onboarding and registration.

    He also provided specific examples of Google Cloud customers who are working with IoT. For example, Geotab is a company that provides data-driven insights on commercial fleet vehicles. Their data can include a variety of information on engine speeds, ambient air temperatures, driving/weather conditions and more. Originally, Geotab self-hosted all customer databases on their servers. However, once it became too complex to efficiently maintain, they switched over to Google Cloud.

    Another Google Cloud customer, LG, uses Edge TPU and Cloud AI to improve the detection of faulty computer screens from ~60% to 99.9%. This has made it significantly more efficient for LG to spot errors saving them $20 million a year.

    Roberto concluded the session with a live demonstration of device onboarding and configuration on Google Cloud. He ran a prediction model that he trained in the cloud with images. This prediction model recognized whether or not there were kit-kat candy bars in a photo and correctly identified them. His demo showed that Google Cloud gives users the tools and flexibility to send data to the cloud and simple ways to do something meaningful with that data.

    Thank you to Roberto and the Google Cloud team for hosting their event at the Chicago Connectory!

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