Fleets of Fleets – The Chicago Connectory Hosts an ILAVA Connections Series

Posted By: Emily Clark

Last Thursday, January 17, the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association (ILAVA), a private sector association that represents the entire ecosystem around new mobility, hosted a discussion session as part of its “Connections Series.”

For this session, Jerry Quandt, executive director at ILAVA, moderated the panel with the participation of Vig Krishnamurthy, senior manager from Ford Motor Company, Gerod Carfantan COO at Sente Advisory, and Dr. Joe Schwieterman professor at the Chaddick Institute at DePaul.

About 35 people attended the event. The discussion focused on the impact that fleets of connected and autonomous vehicles will have on our mobility network.

An attendee and business development director in facility services, Len Kresten, really enjoyed the event.

“It was a good overview of where we are in Illinois, in terms of share mobility, where the trends are, who the players are, and how to get more involved,” said Len. “I would like to see more Illinois roles in the bigger picture, find out how we can contribute to move forward, and how all of the pieces fit together. It is smart.”

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