Frequently Asked Questions


The Chicago Connectory is an Internet of Things (IoT) innovation space located in the historic Merchandise Mart on the 5th floor. It is a community of entrepreneurially-minded innovators connecting startups, corporations and universities to explore new frontiers of IoT.

The space is dedicated to building and providing a strong ecosystem for the IoT community. It does this by providing a physical space for the IoT community to meet and collaborate and by offering a wide range of resources, such as IoT experiences within the space, access to workshops, events, mentor network, 1871 resources, a partner network and many more.

Yes, tours of the Chicago Connectory are possible and you can schedule one here. If you wish to tour the space with a larger group, contact us to set up a time and date.

We are excited about your interest in becoming a member of our growing Chicago Connectory community. Visit this page to find out how you can apply to become a member.

Our membership rates start at $350 / month per member. Learn more about our different membership options here.

Our community includes corporate members, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, associations, universities, and mentors.

We invite any IoT related corporation, foundation, startup or group to contact us to find out more about their specific partnership possibilities.

Bosch hosts and facilitates the Chicago Connectory, as their IoT Innovation space, where partners can connect and drive together IoT Innovation. In addition, Bosch provides industry expertise, a corporate network and mentoring as well as its own IoT solutions.

The Chicago Connectory is the extended IoT incubator of 1871. As a result, 1871 offers access to their community and resources for the Connectory members and project teams. In addition, both parties co-host events and activities around IoT at the Chicago Connectory.

Chicago has a strong history of being a city of inventors, innovators and makers. Today, that is reflected in its strong technology scene and startup community. In addition, the Chicago area boasts excellent talent, great schools and a high density of corporate headquarters. To build an IoT community that is passionate pushing the limits of IoT development, Chicago and the Midwest provided an excellent environment.

The Connectory hosts public events regularly. See our event calendar to sign up.

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