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More than a co-working space, the Chicago Connectory offers its sponsors, partners and members a co-creation model that fosters collaboration, networking, problem solving, and a new way of doing work in the age of connectivity.

As a Corporate Sponsor, you gain access to this thriving IoT community and receive the below additional benefits.

Corporate Sponsor Benefits:

    • Your company logo on the Corporate Sponsorship wall at the Chicago Connectory
    • Opportunity to host monthly meetings at the Chicago Connectory
    • Access to the Classroom conference room twice a month for a total of twelve (12) sponsored events, each with a max duration of 4 hours
    • Opportunity to co-sponsor events at the Chicago Connectory
    • Allocated number of memberships
    • Mentor opportunities
    • Free passes to key events at the Chicago Connectory
    • Speaking opportunity at key Chicago Connectory events
    • Option to showcase an IoT demo at the Chicago Connectory
    • Marketing support from the Chicago Connectory – features in social media, newsletter and other communications
    • Access to the Global Connectory Network – Chicago, Stuttgart, London, Shanghai, Guadalajara, and Curitiba.
    • Access to 1871 community and events
    • All general member benefits

Interested in learning more? Please complete the form below so we can schedule your personal tour through the space, and discuss how you and your company can get involved as a Corporate Sponsor.

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Let's build a connected world together.

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