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DemandTrans Solutions

Dynamic Mobility Solutions

At DemandTrans, we are passionate about creating products and services that enhance the mobility experience from beginning to end - so transit operators, clients and customers can work and ride smarter.

Our vision for public transit is bold and ambitious. We strive to make it so convenient for users to get around, they make public transportation their first choice to move around the city. From planning, scheduling, pickup and drop off, our solutions seamlessly integrate the end-to-end trip process to book and pay for services across all modes of transportation, public or private.

  • 125,000 People Served by Our Solutions
  • 540 Vehicles Moving on Our Solutions
  • 14 Cities Empowered by Our Solutions

At DemandTrans, we specialize in making mobility transportation services a reality by providing state of the art Smart City Services, Dynamic Mobility Capabilities, and Transformational Transit Solutions

Smart City Services

Leaders in cities across the globe are grappling with the need to integrate new technologies with existing transit services and infrastructure in order to ease financial pressures, increase economic development and protect the long-term well-being of their citizens.

  • Transit Lab
  • Smart City Compliance
  • Smart City Consulting

Dynamic Mobility Capabilities

Our team specializes in making Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) a reality. We understand consumers today expect seamless, efficient mobility choices delivered anytime, anywhere and our technology gives people exactly what they want. Consumers have access to the most up-to-date travel options — all while reducing the effort and cost involved in delivering a real-time customized customer solution.

  • MPower App
  • Optirun
  • MobilityDR

Transformational Transit Solutions

Demand-response Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions are an efficient and cost effective way of transporting riders compared to inflexible and often unreliable, fixed route services.

  • Kombo (coming summer 2018)
  • Switch
  • MyFarePay

    • Kombo - Transit Scheduling Platform
    • MobilityDR - Dynamic Mobility Capabilities
    • MyFarePay - Transformation Transit Solution
    • Switch - Transformational Transit Solutions

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